How does Universal Design affect my health, my home, my business and my community?

Universal Design is not to be mistaken for ‘accessible design’ it is so much more than that. Universal Design speaks to the human form and senses, providing spaces for all regardless of ability.

Universal Design cares about how we access, use and enjoy a space. We have taken Universal Design to the next level and have introduced ancient design methods to ensure that our space fits us. We have proven that this increases our health and well being.

We know that we live in a world where disconnection to one another is increasing. This has become evident in our homes and workplaces and has resulted in anxiety, lethargy, bad moods and illness. We have forsaken our innate need for light, nature, inclusiveness and healthy environments for aesthetics and quick fixes.

Universal Design, used correctly can enhance our mood. It can help us sleep better, feel safer and be more productive at work or while we learn. We feel more connected to one another and our environment. Actually, it can make us feel incredible.

Universal design can be applied to any project. When we are designing a home we think about how we can increase your wellbeing in each area. We do this with visual and acoustic methods. We bring the outdoors in, fill rooms with light and air and ensure you have an outlook to nature. Did you know that just 5 minutes spent in nature immediately increases your mood? We look at ways of how you can use your home forever and ways of how to maintain it with ease.

When we design for work and learning spaces we look at what students and staff need to maintain their health and wellbeing. Work related illness is increasing at a rapid rate. Much of this is the result of an unhealthy work and learning environment. Can you imagine the money you would save on illness related absenteeism by just spending a little on a healthy learning environment or workplace?

Great Universal Design shows people that we care. It dissolves exclusivity, it helps our children to focus and be creative and our staff to be more productive and healthier.

We are living in a world where we can bring about amazing social and cultural change and Universal Design is one of the tools that can make this happen.