What is the Golden Ratio?

Simply put the Golden Ratio is natures proportions. It is a simple mathematical calculation that we use when we design your spaces. It is a design tool that has been lost over the years but we are helping to bring it back.

Why use it? For years we have been forced to live and occupy spaces that are not contusive to our health and wellbeing. It may not be apparent initially but over time these spaces repress us and make us ill. We can use the golden Ratio along with modern materials and technology to enhance our wellbeing.

I like to describe it like so. Close your eyes and imagine your favourite place. Now sit with that feeling for a while. How do you feel? Can you imagine feeling that way every day…we say you can! We like to call this your sacred space, not in the religious connotation of the word but a space that makes you feel connected and incredible.

Now let’s apply that to spaces that we live, work, learn and play in. We reduce anxiety and loneliness and increase connectivity and wellbeing. We bring human nature back into design. We are after all nature.