Lisa Anne Halton has over 18 years’ experience in the design and construction sector delivering over $400 million in projects globally. Lisa is an ‘out of the box’ architect that is an expert in Golden Ratio design principles. She believes that this creates health and well-being and she has seen the positive results of her work, in fact her clients love her work so much that they often talk about the difference it has made to their lives and their work environments. Here is a little bit about why Lisa started her own company and what she can offer to your unique project, whether residential or commercial.

Lisa began her career in construction at the age of 21 and over the following 8 years managed and delivered over $200 million in commercial and high end residential projects achieving multiple commendations from the industry for her strategic delivery. Her passion for design and innovation and her ability to transform the traditional working relationships between client and contractor saw her win projects with leading global and national corporations.

With a thirst for knowledge she commenced her second degree on the onset of the GFC. Studying in the University of Liverpool and University College Dublin, Lisa completed an honours degree in Architecture with multiple awards. She loves invention and inclusion and so her thesis sought solutions for rethinking redundant mine site spaces and how we can design sensorially so that all abilities can enjoy our built environment equally.

Australia became home in 2012 and Lisa was hired as Design Manager on the Elizabeth Quay project in Perth. ‘I loved working closely with our amazing architects, client and team. It is a monumental project that we will all enjoy for years to come’.

Believing that architecture should be a fundamental tool in bringing about positive social and economic change, Studio Halton was born. She continues to design spaces that amplify health, wellbeing and connectivity now and into the future.

“Architecture is not just about designing buildings. We have been trained to seek solutions that enhance life for mankind and protect our natural environment. I want to make people feel good in a world where isolation is increasing. Your health and wellbeing should come first and then everything else falls into place seamlessly”