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Let me take a moment to explain.

After 17 amount of years experience as an architect and project manager and managing over $400M worth of projects I have seen massive changes in people’s lives, from better health, better attitudes to bringing in an abundance of wealth in business.

“Universal Design allows people of all abilities and ages to understand, navigate and feel safe in their home, place of recreation, their workplace and the public realm. It does not discriminate, it simply includes”.

In fact let me make a predication that in the future everyone will build according to these principles, why because its inclusive, its better for your health and wellbeing and it really does create a sense of safety and opens the way for a much better and fulfilling life.

When we apply Universal Design, we do it with logic, we are architects after all, but we are different, we apply empathy and innovation to dissolve the feeling of disconnection and isolation . We put people and their needs first.

Let’s get a bit technical.

In Australia, the government have provided two guides that discuss Universal Design; ‘Accessibility Design Guide’ and ‘Liveable Housing Design Guidelines’. They primarily discuss the barriers that people with disabilities face in the built environment and provide functional tools to counteract these barriers.

“At Studio Halton we reinterpret and add to these guidelines to form beautiful sensorial spaces. We dissolve the myth that Universal Design is ugly, obvious and expensive. We look at how Universal Design can improve and heal your physical and mental health”.

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