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Great News!

Our director Lisa Anne Halton wins top industry awards

Lisa Anne is awarded the 2020 Woodside STEM award and 40 under 40 ‘Most Notable Role’ for her dedication to improving positive health outcomes in our built realm.

Welcome. We hope that you enjoy learning about how we can help you build healthier homes, work, learning and play spaces.

Universal Design shapes a new era of living, working and play for optimum health, well-being and productivity.

We are an award-winning design, consultancy and research driven studio with over 20 years global experience delivering over $1B in projects. We provide a holistic approach to building from concept to keys. We don’t do boring and we know that our health is our wealth so with that in mind we use the following scientifically proven formula to amplify your health and well-being in our built realm.

Ancient Design Principles + Universal Design

Intrigued or confused…hold onto your hat as this stuff will blow you away!

No more clinical vibes
for independent living
How empathy can result in beauty...

Studio Halton creates the first of its kind 'Specialist Disability Accomodation' in Australia

A holistic approach from concept to keys

A successful project begins with transparent communication and a solid brief. We value this immensely. We bring the entire team together, including the end user so no stone is left unturned. We facilitate stakeholder engagement and use Virtual Reality to walk you through your project before you build it. We have a 100% successful development application success rate as we include our planners and councils at the front end. Collaboration is key.  

Lisa Anne Halton, founder Studio Halton 2015.

Our Virtual Reality Landscapes. A story of how Studio Halton, JLL and Curtin Uni Master’s students partnered to use gaming technology to design more accessible homes!

lisa halton

A word from our founder

"We can’t change the world in one fell swoop but we can all start with something small. I love what I do and I started young, around 5. I drew buildings to my heart’s content and grew up with a hungry curiosity for architecture and engineering. One thing I always noticed, from young age, was that my family and friends and I were always happiest in nature and in good company. I’m sure you feel the same. I am not reinventing the wheel with my work; I am simply using tools that have always been there to amplify our health and well-being.’

Lisa Anne Halton, founder Studio Halton 2015.

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